Never A Dull Moment

I’ve been doing computer graphics since 1994 and web development since 1999.

I enjoy my daily challenges: between research, experimenting with new technologies, finding ways to optimize existing methods and help my clients, I have yet to stumble upon a boring project. One can never be too good or know too much in this field.

Usability / User Experience Design

Regardless of the project size or budget, I always encourage my clients to dedicate a portion of available resources toward identifying usability information in order to ensure the final product’s success.

  • Understanding the audience, context and the user model.
  • Gathering and prioritizing user requirements, based on user research.
  • Use personas, scenarios and use cases to identify various levels as well as the complete scope of the project.
  • Demos, prototypes and usability testing. It's amazing how many companies skip this stage and try to go for the final product. Bad idea.
  • Implementation and more testing.

Visual Design

In my visual designer capacity, I get involved anywhere from the beginning stages of a project to the final phase of post-implementation tweaks. I often end up balancing function with esthetics.

  • Generating documentation and visual assets: wireframes, flow diagrams, icon sets, etc.
  • Unifying product style and creating style guidelines
  • Balancing elements’ contrast, colors, rhythm, typography, etc.
  • Establishing visual hierarchy of information and design elements

See my simplified explanation of a successful user experience approach: flow diagrams, wireframes, comps and prototypes

What websites are made of

When it comes to web development, I believe my clients should never be tied to a proprietary technology. Following web standards is the key to happiness:

  • (x)HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript, jQuery