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Dmitri’s Web Work

Much of my commercial work is focused on user experience design, front-end web development and visual design for marketing. I often work directly with engineering, sales or marketing teams, speeding up various parts of the production pipeline.

I always thought of support being a fitting role for a commercial artist.

You can find out what my colleagues, friends and business associates think about me and my skills — testimonials on my LinkedIn page.

I operate on 3 simple principles:

  • Don’t decorate — communicate.
  • Form follows function.
  • Plan, design, test, iterate.

Sometimes projects require that I write CSS, HTML and jQuery to communicate certain aspects of the future product; But on most projects, my job as a visual designer is to take my client’s idea, give it shape, fine–tune it and pass it on to other specialists.

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Don’t decorate — communicate!

Timothy Samara lists this rule as the second most important rule of design in his “Design Elements”. This rule is worth its weight in gold.