Visual Design, Web and Business Graphics


See Usability and Redesign Projects section for comps, redesign details, etc

mini vrp 1 Quick web comp

Event Promotion Ads

sept bogo campaign sept bogo campaign extension fall sale 2011 august btgo campaign test campaign Summer Ad campaign Pre July 4 campaign Summer Campaign 1 Summer Campaign 2 Presidents Day Campaign Memorial Day Campaign Thanksgiving 1 Thanksgiving 2 Thanksgiving 3 Christmas Special Weight-Loss Campaign Another Special Promo AB test (version A) Promo AB test (version B) LeptinX comps LeptinX final Seductive fish oil

Design Concepts and Finals
2009-2011 (mostly VRP)

Nutritional Supplement Category Ads

Stress ad Aminoacids Antioxidants Bloodsugar Control Bones and Joints Urinary Tract Support D3 Liquid Inflammation Multinutrients Facebook graphics

Usability and Redesign Projects

Simplified UX design approach

Information Architecture Wireframes Comps and Prototypes redesign project:
origianl homepage, prototype, final

VRP original VRP Early Prototype VRP Final Live mini site design project:
3 comps

mini comp 1 mini comp 2 mini comp 3

PFL redesign project:
original page, comp 1, comp 2, comp with annotations

PFL Unmodified Dev Template PFL Comp 1 PFL Comp 2 PFL Comp Annotations redesign project:
original homepage, comp 1, comp 2

CP original CP Comp 1 CP Comp 2


original product page, redesign comp

original CP product page redesigned CP product page comp

Business & Web Graphics 2000-present

Business ephemera

Fancy Business Table Comparison Diagram Belair Productions Ephemera Jon Paul Logo Sheet 1 Jon Paul Logo Sheet 2 Jon Paul Business Card Concepts LTCC Buddhism Announcement NNSDG Logo Concepts NNSDG Flyer SLT Budget Cover 1 SLT Budget Cover 2 AirFlash Logo Concepts Michaels Hair Salon Ad Child ID Program

Random Experiments and Tutorials

Please note that some of the images in the experimental section are produced by following Photoshop web community tutorials and are not my original concepts

Advanced PS tutorial 1 Advanced PS tutorial 2 Player Green Skin Player Pink Skin Deco Plates(based on web tutorial) Difference backgrounds Space Rings Aurora Abstract Pseudo bubbles(using emboss) Decent CD surface Trump flower Deep Aurora