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Don’t forget to check out my blog: I tend to update my blog more often than my website.

06.15.2015: Finished my final book cover assignment for Scott Fischer's illustration class. Never worked in this style before. Quite happy with the result: "The Man in the Iron Mask" book cover. And here's the process from the beginning: concept to finish.

05.29.2015: A year has gone by since my last update. Completed Kimon Nicolaides "The Natural Way to Draw" course and did studies of most of Bridgman sketches. Had the privilege to study human anatomy with Mike Mattesi and illustration with Scott Fischer. Added new pieces to my Art portfolio.

06.10.2014: Completed Force Character Drawing class with Mike Mattesi. Uploaded the highlights. Learned much more than I expected. Thank you, Mike!

04.13.2014: It’s been almost a year since I updated my website. Been working away, improving my skills and doing contract work. Just uploaded a few new pieces I did for CGMA into my Entertainment Art Portfolio. I also removed the old php contact form and replaced it with links to my Google+ and LinkedIn accounts. Was getting way too much spam through the website. If you sent me an email and I didn't respond, I apologize - it got sucked into the spam vortex. Shouldn't be a problem anymore. Please feel free to contact me anytime and I will be able to respond now.

05.19.2013: One of my pieces came in 3rd today at the LTCC annual art contest in the Figure Drawing category. Got a ribbon and applause. That’s my second competititve art accomplishment this year. Nice!

04.15.2013: Took me a while to get the rest of the Winter quarter live studies up. I added them to the top of the Classical Fine Art Studies section on my Entertainment and Fine Art Portfolio page.

03.20.2013: The Winter quarter is almost over. I ended up taking Digital Painting and Environement Sketching classes at CGMA and Human Figure Drawing at LTCC. I’ve posted my CGMA finals and I’ve been steadily posting my live drawings on my Entertainment and Fine Art Portfolio page.

Don’t forget to check out my blog: I tend to update my blog more often than my website.

01.30.2013: It’s my first day back on the surface. I guess the world didn’t end and buying that zombie-proof bunker was a big mistake. I know, I know: zombies are no excuse for not making updates. So here is what’s been going on.

Started a blog late last year where I’m documenting my art training. No dramatic before and after images, but it’s still quite interesting. I try to keep it synched with my site, but all the new stuff always goes up on the blog first. Check it out.

09.26.2012: Made a large update to my Entertainment & Fine Art portfolio. I’ve added some of my latest charcoal and pencil pieces. I started organizing everything in chronological order and introduced brief descriptions for each section. I hope my portfolio will make more sense now.

My commercial corporate section has remained unchanged as I’m doing UX contract work for CookIndex and don’t have anything visual to add yet; the project is in its early stage, so most of my work involves refining specs along with designing and building wireframes, mockups and prototypes. It’s going to be a tremendous site when it’s done.

11.01.2011: I finally got my design portfolio together. I’m displaying my collection of regularly released marketing campaign ads, which I’ve been working on over the last few years. Producing a unique new campaign every week has flexed my intellectual boundaries along with my creative abilities and I hope, made me a better designer.

You can still find my fine art and entertainment design along with my older illustration work where I left it. I hope to add new material as soon as I find the time for it.

If you are looking for more information about me and my work, you can visit my LinkedIn page or contact me directly.

And here is what I offer:

  • Visual design with emphasis on usability and user experience/interaction
  • Design for commercial and non-profit web projects and web-based marketing campaigns
  • If you are throwing money at your website but your conversion rate is not getting better, you might want to talk to me. I will be glad to help you with usability analysis, recommendations and solutions.

See my simplified explanation of a successful user experience approach: flow diagrams, wireframes, comps and prototypes

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