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I am currently taking on new clients for my illustration business! If you need art for your book, game, or film, if you are looking for an artist to handle private commissions for your family, your friends, or for yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. If you like my art, you'll enjoy what I am going to create for you. Email me at or follow and IM me on Instagram or Facebook.

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About Dmitri Tikhomirov

Visual designer and artist, known online as DreamRayFactory.

Born in New York City, NY, I later moved to Montreal, Quebec and then to Moscow, Russia. I now live in Lake Tahoe, CA and split my time between Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay Area, working for clients large and small.

I take ideas and words and turn them into images. I offer art direction for technical and creative projects, produce visual content for marketing, mobile and web, and I also do UX work when it's needed. I recently added concept art and illustration to my ever-growing collection of skills.

For freelance inquiries please contact me at:

Dmitri Portrait

Adapt and Grow. Visual Content, Web, and UX.

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and started my career in the early 90s, helping large tech companies expand into newly opened markets.

In 1997 I began focusing on emerging Web technologies and new media. As needs and solutions constantly evolve in this field, learning new tools and techniques is part of what I find exciting about visual and technical design. I continue to consult and create content and websites for a wide range of clients. Here are some of the organizations I worked with over the years: VISA, Netflix,, Motorola, 3Com, IBM.

Data Scholar

Passion for Art. One Step at a Time

Around 2012 I decided to broaden my creative skills. Drawing, painting and creating things has always been my passion.

A few years after graduating from University, I found myself getting interested in visual design and creative work. As high quality art instruction courses and materials started becoming available online, I took this opportunity to branch out into illustration and art, while documenting my journey in my art blog.

I am grateful to many talented instructors who helped me along the way. I studied art under the mentorship of Mike Mattesi, Scott Fischer, Anthony Jones, Philip Dimitriadis, and Carlos Huante, to name a few. My latest work is always on display at my Artstation gallery.

Cards of Change

Turning Dreams into Reality

If you need a skillful and reliable artist on your team, you've come to the right place.

I've helped many people achieve success and I will be thrilled to help you.

You can IM me on Facebook, Artstation or Instagram, or email me at Let's turn your ideas into art!

Eternal Ronin