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I'm a visual designer and illustrator. I design content for web and mobile apps, games, and traditional media. Email me at or follow and IM me on Instagram or Facebook.

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About Dmitri Tikhomirov

Visual designer and artist:

Born in New York City, NY, I later moved to Montreal, Quebec and then to Moscow, Russia. I now live in Northern California and split my time between the Sierra mountains and the San Francisco Bay Area, working in all forms of media, both digital and traditional.

Before ideas and words become real things, they often need to be presented as images. That is why I bring art direction to technical and creative projects, produce visual content for games, books, marketing, mobile, and web.

Over the years, I worked with many exceptional organizations, leaders in their fields. Here are some of my past and current clients : VISA, Netflix,, Motorola, 3Com, IBM.

I've helped many people achieve success and I will be thrilled to help you.

You can IM me on Facebook, Artstation or Instagram, or email me at Let's turn your ideas into art!

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